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From this page you can access the OTOLITH_INVENTORY table, and the AGE and LENGTH EXPANSIONS. Each set of data which is accessible from this page can be downloaded into a comma delimited, ASCII file.


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OTOLITH INVENTORY: The otolith inventory dataset consists of a list of otoliths available in our archives. The otoliths were collected in large part by the California Commercial Groundfish Survey. The information provide comes from the OTOLITH_INVENTORY table in CALCOM. Some of the otoliths have been aged. We provide a list of species to choose from and the output file contains year and number of otoliths. It is possible to arrange to borrow otoliths from our collection by contacting us. We have nearly 500,000 otoliths from more than 75 species in our collection. Currently we are in the process of transferring the otoliths from coin envelopes to plastic trays, a process that will take many years.

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AGE AND LENGTH COMPOSITIONS: This dataset contains age and length composition data for many species which have been "expanded" using landings. The information is retrieved by choosing the species. Output file contains: year, port complex, gear group, length (or age), sex, and total number estimated. Direct access to the database can be used to obtain more detailed datasets including: market category and information about how the estimates were obtained. Details on how the ages lengths are "expanded" can be found in the documentation.

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