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This database contains federal commercial groundfish regulations from 1983 through the most recent complete year. This will be updated annually. This database contains three types of data: regulations governing trip limits; Rockfish Conservation Area (RCA) data; and OY, ABCs for groundfish species and species groups managed by the Pacific Fisheries Management Council. This database is NOT to be used for law enforcement purposes - its sole purpose is for support of research and stock assessments. The data are stored in a series of SQL Server tables in the CALCOM database.  These data come from Federal Registers and from documents provided by John Devore (PSMFC, Portland, OR).  The tables use a technology called FullText Indexing to search large text fields. Obtaining data from the tables can be done in a variety of ways.  The majority of data retrievals can be made via this site and the data can be downloaded to text files by the user.  For those with good SQL skills, they can connect directly to the database using a variety of software packages including:  R, Excel, and other ODBC compliant software packages.  Finally, for special requests, the user can contact Don Pearson and request a data retrieval.

This database is a work in progress. I welcome comments, suggestions, and corrections. Please forward any comments to

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